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The VIENNA is the new semi-automatic key-cutting machine for flat keys for cylinder locks and vehicles, and cross-shaped keys, designed for key-cutting professionals.

The first machine on the market to include a simple electronic adjustment system as standard (previously provided for dimple key cutting machines) and a key counter to control the number of keys cut on the machine. Its partial counter keeps count of the number of keys cut when making multiple copies.

Probably the most advanced key-cutting machine on the market, it has a 4-sided clamp with a novel self-turning system. It incorporates a lighting system using leds and switches itself off when it has not been used for some time.

Its robust design, the new technologies incorporated and the latest generation materials used, make it a long-lasting key-cutting machine that will always maintain its key-cutting precision.


  • AD-NEVA.VA-17P
  • AD-ALA-1X.FM-1X
  • AD-BLU-1X.BUR-4X
  • AD-BUR-5X.BUR-5X
  • AD-BRI-3X.BRI-3X
  • AD-PO.PO-1P PO-2P
  • AD-SIX.Adapter Simplex SIX-3P

  • SOF-M 4.Sofer 4 sides clamp
  • RU-488. Clamp code  RUKO RU-5D RU-51 RU-61 RU-9D RU-11D RU-12D
  • FB-489. Clamp code  FAB FB-2D FB-2I FB-4 FB-5 FB-6… FB-32
  • TE-476. Clamp code  TESA TE-81
  • AZ-507. Clamp code  AZBE AZ-1D AZ-1I AZ-17D
  • RU-808. Clamp code GEGE Pextra
  • AB-744. Clamp code ABUS XP Original
  • MEC-M 4.Standard 4 sides clamp

  • FP24. Flat cutter 80x5x16 HSS
  • FP41.Flat cutter 80x8x16 HSS Clamp code RU-488
  • FP42.Flat cutter 80x8x16 HSS Clamp code FB-489
  • PRU-488.Tracer Clamp code RU-488
  • PFB-489. Tracer  Clamp code FB-489
  • FP49.Flat cutter 80x8x16 HSS 90º universal code clamp
  • FP50.Flat cutter80x8x16 HSS 100º universal code clamp
  • PP89. Tracer  Clamp flat cutter code FP49
  • PP90. Tracer  Clamp  flat cutter code FP50
  • FP43.Flat cutter80x8x16 HSS Clamp  codeTE-476
  • PP83. Tracer  Clamp  code TE-476
  • FP44.Flat cutter80x8x16 HSS Clamp code AB-744
  • PP84. Tracer  Clamp  code AB-744
  • Motor: 220V, 50 Hz, 0.18Kw
  • Data: 430 x 280 x 420 ; 27 Kg.