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The SENA is the new JMA key-cutting machine for single and double-bladed bit keys, pump and vertical groove keys, all with just one carriage.

It has a tracer point (interchangeable) with micrometric adjustment for precise adjustment. The same lever is used for the X and Y movements of the carriage, which is guided by roller cages.                The SENA has a moving jaw system on the bit key clamp which makes it easier to secure all bit keys, and adjustable side clamps which can easily cut all types of wedge bit mortise keys.

The Sena machine’s new features make it unique in its range.

The machine is equipped with a 2-speed motor and incorporates a halogen lamp for lighting.

  • Motor: 220V, 50 Hz, 0.55/0.33 Kw
  • Size and weight: 300 x 280 x 540 ; 50 Kg.

  • AD-LLP. MIL-1 MIL-2 plain key adapter

  • FP22. Straight flat cutter 80x1x16
  • FP26. Straight flat cutter 80s1,5x16HSS
  • FP26W. Straight flat cutter 80×1,5x16MD