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Semi-automatic COMBINED key-cutting machine made up of two different blocks:

  1. For cutting flat keys (cylinder locks and vehicles), cross-shaped keys, it has a reversible 4-sided clamp and a micrometric tracer point with centesimal adjustment.
  2. For cutting bit keys (single- and double-bladed), pump and special keys like ref. FO-4.P Y FO-6.P. It also has 3 optional carriages for cutting wave keys (RG), for code copying FO- 6.P (FT-COD) keys and finally a carriage for Abloy (ABL) keys.

Machine with a complete, robust aluminium die-cast frame. Includes a halogen lamp for lighting.

  • Motor: 220V, 50 Hz, 0.24 Kw
  • Size and weight: 590 x 260 x 470 ; 43 Kg.

  • FD-S. Store carriage FORD FO-6P machine SARATOGA/YAKARTA
  • RG-S. Store carriage REGATA machine SARATOGA/YAKARTA
  • ABL-S. Store carriage ABLOY machine SARATOGA/YAKARTA

  • SOF-M 4.4-sided Sofer clamp
  • RU-488.Clamp code RUKO RU-5D RU-51 RU-61 RU-9D RU-11D RU-12D
  • FB-489.Clamp code FAB FB-2D FB-2I FB-4 FB-5 FB-6… FB-32
  • TE-476.Clamp code TESA TE-81
  • AZ-507.Clamp code AZBE AZ-1D AZ-1I AZ-17D
  • RU-808.Clamp code GEGE Pextra
  • AB-744.Clamp code ABUS XP Original
  • MEC-M 4.4-sided Standard clamp

  • FP24. Flat cutter 80x5x16 HSS
  • FP19. Stragiht Flat cutter 80×1,4×16 HSS
  • FP17. Stragiht Flat cutter 80×1,25×16 HSS
  • FP22. Stragiht Flat cutter 80x1x16
  • FP41.Flat cutter 80x8x16 HSS Clamp code RU-488
  • FP42.Flat cutter 80x8x16 HSS Clamp code FB-489
  • PRU-488.Tracer Clamp code RU-488
  • PFB-489.Tracer Clamp code FB-489
  • FP49.Flat cutter 80x8x16 HSS Clamp code universal 90º
  • FP50.Flat cutter 80x8x16 HSS Clamp code universal 100º
  • PP89.Tracer Clamp code de Flat cutter FP49
  • PP90.Tracer Clamp code de Flat cutter FP50
  • FP43.Flat cutter 80x8x16 HSS Clamp code TE-476
  • PP83.Tracer Clamp code TE-476
  • FP26. Stragiht Flat cutter 80×1,5×16 HSS
  • FP26W. Stragiht Flat cutter 80×1,5×16 MD
  • FP44.Flat cutter 80x8x16 HSS Clamp code AB-744
  • PP84.Tracer Clamp code AB-744