Se maskinbroschyr

Electronic machine for marking keys, cylinders, plates etc. This versatile machine also allows you to mark logos or pictures. Stand-alone operation or connected to a PC thru IKS or Instacode. Its most outstanding characteristics are:

  1. Electromagnetic or pneumatic punch for continuous jobs.
  2. Automatic marking of serial numbers, automatically carries out multiple markings and adds the next number in the series.
  3. Simple marking function using already established windows or standard format with a 70×50 mm window.
  4. Computer reception of characters to be marked, important for mastering programmes.
  5. DATA-MATRIX markings.
  6. Type-writer format keyboard variable marking function.
  7. Arched and angled marking.
  8. PS2 connector for different keyboard formats (QWERTY, ACERTY)
  • Backar

  • MJ1K. Clamp for keys for Multi-mark machine
  • MJ1C. Clamp for european lock for Multi-mark machine
  • MJ1P. Clamp for plates for Multi-mark machine
  • MJ2C. Clamp for scandinavian locks for Multi-mark machine
  • MJ3C. Clamp for postal locks for Multi-mark
  • Power supply: 220V, 50 Hz, 200W
  • Size and weight: 200 x 480 x 480 ; 20 Kg