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CAPRI is the new JMA key cutting machine for security, wave, tubular and special keys, designed for key-cutting professionals.

The CAPRI key-cutting machine is a striking step forward compared to other manual key-cutting machines, as it incorporates a novel patented system for measuring the cutting force, making cutting easy and precise.

JMA’s years of experience in the key-cutting world has made the CAPRI key-cutting machine a reality. It is a new generation machine, with many innovations in its system:

  1. Cutting force indicator, with optimum visual and sound indicator.
  2. Spring movement system indicator.
  3. Easy height adjustment by means of lights.
  4. New LED lighting system.
  5. Tilting clamp with new insert system, making them easier to change and much simpler to adjust. Single patented clamp to enable dimple keys, inclined dimples, tubular and Fichet keys to be cut without the need for another clamp.
  6. More powerful two-speed machining motor.
  7. Spring-aided system for wave keys.
  8. Tool-holder with quick tool-change system.
  9. Top tray for keys and tools, with auxiliary tray for keeping matching cutters, tools… The tray can also be positioned separately above the work table.
  10. Auxiliary hand support for cutting wave and tubular keys.

 Technical specifications

  • Motor: Universal 220V, 50 Hz, 400W, 16000 rpm.
  • 430 x 465 x 385 ; 25kg

  • Patented double clamping area, can tilt from 0º to 45º.

  • F1
  • P1
  • F13
  • P13